• There is a piece of green shaker screen. Both of its right and left side are bonded with steel frames.
  • A picture shows the front side of a rectangular shale shaker screen.
  • There are four shale shaker screens: two flat shake screens and two three-dimensional shaker screens.
  • A picture shows the back side of a red steel frame shaker screen. The screen is supported by five red square steel bars.
  • A picture shows the back side of a gray steel frame shaker screen.

Shaker Screen for Better Solid-liquid Separation

Boegger Industrial Limited is a combination of the product design, manufacture and marketing. Our company covers an area of more than 1000 square meters. We have specialized R&D team, professional technological process and specialized quality management system. We can provide various shale shaker screens and related accessories. The products we provide can meet the requirements of different solid control equipment. We can supply hook strip flat screen, hook strip soft screen, steel frame shaker screen, three-dimensional shaker screen, high strength shaker screen, rectangular shaker screen and other shaker screens.

There are four pictures of shaker screens, the first is a rectangular shaker screen, the second is a rectangular shaker screen, the second is a high strength shaker screen , the third is a three-dimensional shaker screen, the last is a flat shaker screen.

What is shaker screen?

Shaker screen also called shale shaker screen. It is a type of replacement screen specifically designed for oil drilling equipment. Shale shaker screen is widely used as vibrating screen in solids control system. It can filter the oil out of the drilling mud during the process of filtration. Shaker screen has various brands, types, colors and sizes. The shaker screen we supply can be specifically designed according to your requirement. You can find the screen you really need here.

What factors can influence shaker screen's performance?

  • Screen cut point.
  • Screen conductance.
  • Screen non-blanked open area.
  • Shaker conveyance rate.
  • Shaker deck angle.
  • Liquid flow rate.
  • Liquid phase viscosity.
  • Solids sizes.

Why you choose our shaker screen?

Strong technology
Technology has a fundamental impact on the product quality. Our company pays great attention to the design optimization and production technology. We are continuously committed to upgrading our production and developing technology. Our R&D team provides a strong technical support in shaker screen's production. We try our best to provide our customers with satisfactory shaker screens.

Superior performance
Our shaker screens meet the international quality standard. They have many advantages, such as, large fluid handling capacity, high screening efficiency, excellent abrasive resistance and low overall operational cost. Our shaker screen can be specifically designed to meet your requirements.

Best after sale service
Our company lays stress on customer's satisfaction. We have specialized after-sale service department. Our staffs are ready to provide you with technical guidance and repair service.

Hot Products

Hook Strip Soft Screen

Hook strip soft screen has a broad screening area. It is very economical. Commonly used in the solid-liquid separation.


Hook Strip Flat Screen

Hook strip flat screen has good filter accuracy. Widely applied in waste management and drilling fluids control.


Flat Shaker Screen

Flat shaker screen is a replacement screen for shakers. It has high solid control efficiency, widely used in the drilling equipment.


Steel Frame Shaker Screen

Steel frame shaker screen has good wear resistance and excellent anti-corrosion performance, widely used in petroleum purification.


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