Replacement Shale Shaker Screen Type – DX, DF, HP, XR, XL, MG, HC

A picture show the mesh pattern of DX, DF, HP mesh type.
  • (DX™) Cloth

    Derrock extra fine cloth series. The DX cloth is designed to maximize capacity, maintain cut point integrity, and minimize near size particle blinding.

  • (DF™) Cloth

    Derrock fine cloth series has a slightly larger wire diameter than the DX cloth, but thinner than market grade and tensile bolting cloth. The DF cloth is designed to maximize screen life, maintain cut point integrity, and minimize nearsize particle blinding.

  • (HP™) Cloth

    Derrock high performance cloth series was developed to increase fluid capacity by utilizing slotted openings. Its slotted openings allow for higher flow rates to be processed without sacrificing cut point integrity.

  • Remarks:

    Derrock, DX, DF, HP are marks of Derrock Corporation.

    ShengJia only produces the replacement screens but not original from Derrock.

  • XR mesh cloth

    Rectangular openings and 50%-larger-diameter wire give XR mesh shaker screen mesh excellent capacity and the longest screen life in the industry. High conductance results in reduced mesh loading compared with traditional mesh types.

  • Ultrafine (XL) screen

    The XL screen has been specifically designed for use in drilling sandstone formations, which typically create blinding problems with standard screen mesh types. Our XL mesh features two fine-screening layers with a support mesh having square openings of medium wire diameter for improved capacity, screen life and blinding resistance.

  • (MG) market grade

    TMG is featuring a single-layer cloth with heavy wire diameter and square openings. Because of the durable, heavy-wire diameter, the MG is used primarily as a scalping screen with excellent screen life.

  • HC mesh

    Two fine screening layers over a support cloth provide superior performance in blinding applications enable the HC mesh to yield excellent capacity. Screen life is equal to the XL mesh. While the fine wire diameter provides excellent capacity, the HC mesh has shorter screen life and lower separation efficiency compared with our other mesh types.

  • What factors can influence shaker screen's performance?
    • Screen cut point.
    • Screen conductance.
    • Screen non-blanked open area.
    • Shaker conveyance rate.
    • Shaker deck angle.
    • Liquid flow rate.
    • Liquid phase viscosity.
    • Solids sizes.
    • Motor vibration.
    • Missing rubbers on screen bed.
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