Three pieces of composite frame shale shaker screens installed in an orange shaker.

Composite Shale Shaker Screen for Drilling Mud Treatment Application

Composite frame shale shaker screen consist of two or three stainless steel mesh layers. Different layers have different density. Arrange these layers appropriately can optimizes the screen's performance. Composite frame shaker screen is widely used to filter out the solid phase and other impurities in drilling mud. The polyurethane material frame structure of this type shale shaker screen ensures the screen's high strength and good abrasive resistance. It also has convenient replacement feature, specialized rubber plug repair system effectively reduces the downtime of the shaker machine.

  • Composite frame shale shaker screen for Brandt VSM 300 scalping replacement.

    Replacement screen for VSM 300 Scalping

  • Composite frame shale shaker screen for Brandt VSM 300 primary replacement.

    Replacement screen for VSM 300 primary

  • Replacement screen for King cobra

  • RReplacement screen for Mongoose/MEERKT

  • Replacement screen for SWACO MD-2/MD-3

  • Replacement screen for SWACO MAMAUT

Technical Parameters of Composite Shale Shaker Screen
Mesh Size API 20 – API 400
Dimension 1165 mm × 585 mm (45.75″ × 23″)
Screen Type frame Screen
Frame Material carbon steel / composite material
Wire Mesh Material SS304 or SS316 as request
Screen Layer 2 or 3 layers

Specifications can be customized according to your needs.

  • Specialized rubber plugs repair system.
  • Good filter fineness; high screening efficiency.
  • Durable and reliable structure; lower screen replacement cost.
  • High operational efficiency; good solids control performance.
  • Good stability; easy to maintain.
Rubber plug repair tips of composite shale shaker screen
  • Turn the shaker screen over.
  • Keep the screen on a flat position.
  • Make the hollow side up.
  • Put the rubber plug above the damaged cell.
  • Insert the plug into the cell.
  • Ensure it cannot be removed.
  • Filter the mud and other impurities in oil.
  • Used in solid-liquid separation.
  • Applied in solid control system.
  • Used in wedge fastening equipment.
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