Two pieces of red polyurethane screen meshes on a white background.

Wear Resistant Polyurethane Screen Mesh for Sieving

HPolyurethane screen mesh, also known as PU mesh, polyurethane screens and polyurethane screen panels. It is made from a type of high polymer material – polyurethane, which has excellent performance in the harsh environment. Polyurethane has good resistance to various acids, alkalis and organic solvents. What’s more, it has good mechanical properties and flexible processing property.

Polyurethane screen mesh absorbs the advantages of polyurethane. It is characterized by strong corrosion resistance, good wear resistance, low operating noise and high screening efficiency. Polyurethane screens have good flexibility, it can be freely combined with vibrating screens and other mining equipment. This product is fit for various areas, such as mines, refineries and quarries.

  • There is a roll of orange polyurethane screen mesh.

    PU-1: Orange polyurethane fine screen mesh

  • Two pieces of polyurethane screen mesh with round screen holes.

    PU-2: Round hole polyurethane screen mesh

  • PU-3: Square hole polyurethane screen mesh

  • PU-4: Tensioned polyurethane screen

  • PU-5: Modular polyurethane screen

  • PU-6: Square hole modular PU screen

  • PU-7: Steel core polyurethane screen

  • PU-8: Steel core polyurethane screen is commonly delivered in rolled form

  • PU-9: Customized PU screens is available

  • Screen material: polyurethane (PU).
  • Hole shape: round, square, rectangular. (or upon request).
  • Types: polyurethane fine screen mesh, tensioned polyurethane screen, modular polyurethane screen, steel core polyurethane screen.
  • Size: customized design.
  • Color: red, yellow, green, etc.
  • Good elasticity; high tensile strength.
  • Light weight; low operating noise.
  • Strong structure; good impact resistance.
  • Strong corrosion resistance; excellent wear resistance.
  • Good bearing strength; high screening efficiency.
  • Stable performance; long-term stability.
  • Maintenance free; economical.
  • Used in mines and quarries.
  • Used to sieving oil, coal, ore, gravel and sand, etc.
  • Widely applied in mining industry, chemical industry, power industry and construction industry.
  • Polyurethane screens installed on the sand screening machine.

    PU-screen used for fine sand screening

  • Polyurethane screen used for stones vibrating application.

    Polyurethane screen in mineral

  • Polyurethane screen as crusher screen

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