Shaker Screen Types

  • A piece of hook strip soft screen on a white background. Its surface has quadrilateral resin covering.
    Hook Strip Soft Screen

    Hook strip soft screen has a broad screening area. It is very economical. Commonly used in the solid-liquid separation.

  • There is a piece of green hook strip flat screen. Both its left and right sides are bonded to stainless steel frames.
    Hook Strip Flat Screen

    Hook strip flat screen has good filter accuracy. Widely applied in waste management and drilling fluids control.

  • Silver gray pyramid shaker screen with sealing rubber on a white background.
    Pyramid Shaker Screen

    Pyramid shaker screens has reinforced screening structures and enhanced permeability, it offers 120% to 150% more screen areas than flat shaker screens.

  • Green steel frame shale shaker screen with hexagonal shaped wear plate.
    Steel Frame Shaker Screen

    Steel frame shaker screen has a high strength steel frame structure. It has good wear resistance and excellent anti-corrosion performance.

  • Three pieces of composite frame shale shaker screens installed in an orange shaker.
    Composite Frame Shaker Screen

    Rectangular shale shaker screen has fine mesh sizes, good filter fineness and high screening efficiency. It is widely used in solid-liquid separation.

  • A piece of blue high strength shaker screen on a white background.
    High Strength VSM 300 Shaker Screen

    High strength shaker screen has good abrasive resistance and high operational efficiency. It is applied in removing solids from drilling fluid.

  • Two pieces of red polyurethane screen meshes on a white background.
    Polyurethane Screen Mesh

    Polyurethane screen mesh adopts high polymer material. It has strong wear resistance and high screening efficiency.