Green steel frame shale shaker screen with hexagonal shaped wear plate.

Steel Frame Shaker Screen for Oil Vibrating Application

Steel frame shale shaker screen consists of two or three layers of stainless steel wire mesh. Its supporting layer and working layer bonded together to make the screen more durable. The whole screen is divided into many independent small meshes to prevent the excessive extension caused by partial damages. Meantime, the specialized rubber plugs can repair timely. This effectively saves time and reduces disposal costs.

Compared with flat shaker screen and hook strip flat screen, steel frame shale shaker screen has higher strength and better abrasive resistance. The high strength steel frame and supporting grids of the screen forms a reliable and stable structure. Thus greatly increases the shaker screen's loading capacity and operational efficiency.

  • Steel frame shale shaker screen for Brandt VSM 300 scalping replacement.

    Replacement screen for VSM 300 Scalping

  • Steel frame shale shaker screen for Brandt VSM 300 primary replacement.

    Replacement screen for VSM 300 primary

  • Replacement screen for VSM 300 secondary

  • Replacement screen for BLT-50/LCM-2D shaker

  • Replacement screen for King cobra

  • Replacement screen for Mongoose/MEERKT

  • Replacement screen for D380/D285P shaker

  • Replacement screen for Kemtron 48 Series

  • Replacement screen for FSI 5000 Series

  • Material:stainless steel wire.
  • Screen layers:two or three.
  • Colors:black, blue, red, gray, etc.
Technical Parameters of Steel Frame Shaker Screen
Screen Model Range of Mesh Dimension (length × width) Weight (kg)
SFSS-1 A16 - 325 585 × 1170mm 12
SFSS-2 16 - 325 635 × 1253mm 13.5
SFSS-3 16 - 325 913 × 650mm 12.5
SFSS-4 16 - 325 720 × 1220mm 17
SFSS-5 16 - 325 712 × 1181mm 17

The replacement screens can be specifically designed to fit various shale shakers. Specifications can be customized according to your needs.

  • High-strength steel frame; excellent wear resistance.
  • Solid structure; good loading capacity.
  • Effective panel pressure distribution system.
  • Superior screening performance; higher working efficiency.
  • Effective plug repair system; less downtime.
  • Available in various colors.
  • Lower overall operational cost; economical.
  • Removing solids from drilling fluid.
  • Used as oil vibrating screen for various shakers.
  • Used in the oil industry for solid-liquid separation.
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